The Hoopdance Revolution

Hoola Hoops + Dance / Fusion = Hoopdance!

Begin with a hoola hoop, add music, creative expression, and a whole lot of fun... that's hoopdancing, also known as "hooping". It's beautiful to watch, and great exercise that's suitable for any body, any fitness level, and any age.

Graceful or energetic, play or workout, hoopdancing is whatever you want it to be!

Easy and fun to learn

Although it might look difficult, hoopdancing is surprisingly easy to learn. With instruction, even those who've never been able before can keep a hoop spinning in about an hour or two.

People everywhere are discovering the feeling of empowerment that comes with mastering the hoop. You can take your hoop practice to any level. Once you feel comfortable, you can start moving around, dancing, and playing with different moves.

Challenge yourself to learn intricate combinations or simply enjoy the relaxing, meditative flow that comes from spinning the hoop.

What's the secret?

Hoopdancing in its current form originated in the club scene in California about ten years ago and has evolved into a hugely popular alternative fitness practice. Why? The secret is that it's easy, effective and so much fun (we just can't say that enough)!

You don't need to be a fitness fanatic, a great dancer, skinny, or young to enjoy hoopdancing. Discover the magic of the hoop…it's irresistible!

  • The Benefits of Hoopdancing

    We like to call it the “having fun, feeling sexy, getting fit without even noticing” workout! There are simply so many physical, mental and emotional benefits to hoopdancing. It's:

    • core strengthening
    • low-impact
    • all-over toning
    • aerobic
    • excellent for improving coordination
    • creative
    • stress-relieving
    • community-building
    • for all ages and fitness levels
    • most of all, fun!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I've NEVER been able to hoola hoop. Maybe I just can't learn?

    A: Surprisingly, we've haven't found anyone yet that can't hoop! With a little instruction you should find yourself hooping in an hour or two. Learning the right techniques can make all the difference.

    Q: I'm new to exercising, is hooping for me?

    A: Because hoopdancing is easy to tailor to your needs and fitness level, it's perfect for people who've had difficulty with more strenuous activities. You can start with five minutes at a time and work up to longer practice sessions. Start with simple waist hooping and as your fitness level increases, move on to dancing in your hoop and trying new moves. However, before starting any exercise routine, it's advisable to consult your doctor and see if it's right for you.

    Q: What kind of hoop do I need?

    A: Hoopdancers use a larger, heavier hoop than 'toy' hoops you can buy in stores. The size and weight makes them easier to keep up and spinning. Hoops are hand-made and sized to your skill level, height, and body type. Buy or learn more about hoops here.

    Q: Where can I learn how to hoop?

    A: If you're on the Sunshine Coast of B.C., you can take one of our Hoopmajic workshops or classes. If you live elsewhere, search online for classes near you, or watch hooping tutorials on YouTube. Keywords: "hoopdancing", "hoop dance", or "hooping".